Shane Todd, Murdered in Singapore

Shane Todd is the son to Rick, and Mary Todd (who own Cabin Creek Landing Bed & Breakfast), brother to John, Chet and Dylan. A VERY tragic and horrible thing happened June of 2012, Shane Todd was murdered in Singapore, just days before he was moving home to the U.S. The Todd’s have been investigating this case and researching for eight months and here is the article that came out in the Financial Times, on Friday. It’s also on several other different news outlets, but here is the full article. Please take several minutes to read this.

Death in Singapore – www.ft.comMary and Rick Todd were anxious about entering the apartment where their oldest son had lived and died. Late last June the couple had flown from Montana to Denver to Los Angeles to a colonial-era house in the Chinatown district of Singapore to try



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  1. Anne S

    Mary and Rick, John, Chet, and Dylan, I am very sorry for the loss of someone who is so close to you and the many unanswered questions.

    I feel the pain, injustice and invalidation to the events, and the way you were treated. Please know that I have posted the FT link on all my social media and have also mailed the link to CBS and NBC, and my local 60mins hoping that the news be widely dispersed.

    If one of the family members or relations can start a ONLINE PETITION on CHANGE.ORG, I am sure that many of us from all over the world will join in the petition supporting your family and SHANE TRUMAN TODD online.

    Passionatly from Australia, Anne

  2. Elise Goh

    Dear Mary and Rick Todd,
    I came across this article today on FT and would like to express my deepest condolence for the loss of your son, Shane. I hope your persistence and courage will put pressure on Singapore govt, known for their strict censorship and lax police work, to do a better job investigating and hopefully with the involvement of FBI. I have shared the FT article on my FB and thru other media to get more support, and hopefully it will shed some light on this case.

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  4. Renaldi

    I’m sure Mr. Todd was murdered. It was most likely an assassination sanctioned by the Singapore regime.

    I write about Singapore regime and its true nature in my blog. Not much but I’m trying to increase people’s awareness.

    I know for sure the Singapore Police won’t give out any suspects nor will the Todds receive justice through the court if they try.
    There have been other cases similar to Mr. Todd’s only this time Mr. Todd is an American citizen. These people may have grown bolder.
    Singapore is an evil regime. A fascist state.

    My condolences to Mr. Todd’s family for their loss. I’m truly sorry for their loss

  5. Stan Kwake

    I have NO doubts that he was murdered. He was a wrestler, a very good wrestler and it is obvious to everyone that he did not hang himself. There is a lot more going on here and the USA better get to bottom of it.
    Please keep me posted on future updates.

  6. Hank Williams

    My heart is broken by your loss. I just saw your interview with Erin Burnett and want to offer any support I can give on behalf of finding the truth regarding the murder ( I feel it was ) of your most precious son. My brother has been an attorney in Guam for many years
    & has familiaritty in that part of the world. No words can express the sorrow you feel. I know the world will have to listen & justice will be done because of your strength.

  7. Cynthia FORD Elefante

    Dear Rick and Mary and family,
    I, too, am for Pomona, Ca. I had heard the story from the Pomona High school Facebook page. I lived right off Garey Avenue near your funeral home. Anywway, I am so sad to hear of your loss. I commend you guys for not giving up on this and fighting for the truth. I think it’s horrible that the government covered this up. Your family seemed to be as close to the perfect family and you can tell the love you have for each other. It is a tragedy that such a bright person with great intentions ends up dead in another country and our government won’t help. Shame on them and the Singapore government. Don’t give up on your quest for the truth as I truly believe that someone,somewhere will eventually come forward and tell you what happened. I do believe that you guys are on the right track and dont believe for a minute that Shane committed suicide He had a fabulous close knit family and everything to live for. I don’t believe he would hurt the people he loved the most. Not to mention type written suicide letters. Suicide is such a personal thing that it would appear you would hand write these letters. I just don’t believe he would do this. I am just so sorry for your beautiful family. A family that anyone would be so proud to be a part of. God bless all of you. I will be watching to see what happens next in Washington. Sincerely, Cynthia FORD Elefante

  8. Edmundo

    Thanks for finally talking about >Shane Todd, Murdered in Singapore
    | Cabin Creek Bed & Breakfast <Loved it!

  9. TJ

    Thank you for going public. I am so sorry for your pain. The integrity your son had was quite remarkable — actually, as a True Believer, he “is” still alive and he “does” have great character. As a Believer in The Creator, His Son and Holy Spirit, your son is in wonderful hands and you will see him again soon. Love and Peace to you, as I know your son would want you to live that way, in victory! Amen.

  10. David Schilpp

    I worked for a Singapore based company, Millenium Hotels, at The Biltmore in Los Angeles for four years. I left the hotel a few months ago mostly because I could not continue to represent hotel owners in good conscious. Their motto is “You are the center of our world”. In fact all that they were focused on was Singapore. The truth was, they had absolutely no interest in their guests, although they did have a remarkable bias towards Chinese business interests.

    Watching your story on 48 Hours tonight confirmed every observation I have made over those four years about the prejudices that are endemic in Chinese business culture and undoubtedly extend to Chinese culture in general. Powerful people go unquestioned, until they are “disgraced” by even more powerful people. Even the Manager of the Millenium Biltmore Hotel told me directly that I should not question the actions of the Singapore representative in the hotel although his actions were detrimental to business, disruptive, and against Local 11 Union rules.

    I feel your loss and can’t even imagine how frustrated you must feel. I just wanted to feel that the guests I dealt with were truly “the center” of something.

    Wish I could offer you more than support and sympathy.

  11. Karen T C

    Dear Mary, Rick, Dylan, John and Chet Todd;
    I just saw the story about your loving son, and brother, Shane, and my heart breaks for you. It is obvious a crooked gov. coverup took place in Singapore. I cannot imagine the depth of the pain and the loss your family has suffered. I am so very sorry. It is scary what happened to your son, and you are both courageous to shine the light on the horrible injustice, lies, coverup, and crooked government. I pray that someone with a spine and a conscience, will come forward and uncover the truth for you. That may only put the key in the door to lock it, so that your family can finally close that door.

    Peace and Blessings,
    Karen TC

  12. the todds

    I am sorry that I am replying to this over 2months after you sent it. Thank you for reaching out.

    Blessing to you,
    Rick Todd

  13. Garry Cornell II

    I just saw an old show of 48hrs and felt it necessary to fault the integrity stricken attorney’s and applaud you for walking out. Obviously there were hidden agendas from a slew of countries. And as time has passed we are learning how manipulation plays a serious role outside our borders. I hope and pray you all get answers. And I am sorry for your loss. Fight on!

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