Shaping Up To Be A Wonderful Summer

Apr 28, 2016

We have been having incredible weather.  Once in a while we get a storm.  That’s good, because it keeps everything green. However, we have been getting some incredible days! We a look forward to a wonderful summer this year!  

Cabin Creek Hosted Their 2nd Wedding

Jan 14, 2014

Cabin Creek Landing Bed & Breakfast hosted their second wedding in October 2013. The couple had the ceremony inside the great room. We moved all the furniture out and brought in chairs. There was about 40 people and it was beautiful. Here are some photos….  

Our 3rd Summer Open

Sep 29, 2013

2013 summer was Cabin Creek Landing’s third summer open and it went great! We had great guests from all over the world: India, Israel, China, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, England and more. We also had a ton of fly in guests fly right in to Cabin Creek Landing Airstrip. Of course Glacier National Park was the #1 attraction, but there are several local activities that our guests utilized: hiking lupine lake, the Bitterroot Falls and McGregor shoreline trail, and several of our guests used our inflatable kayaks on Bitterroot Lake and thoroughly enjoyed it. There are several restaurants that our… more »

New Pins on Pinterest

May 22, 2013

Click the link below and follow us on Pinterest. Check out our new pins for Cabin Creek Landing Bed & Breakfast.  

Floating The Flathead River

May 14, 2013

Cabin Creek Landing Bed & Breakfast is a beautiful place to stay in Northwest Montana. There are several lakes and rivers in the valley. One of the activities we offer, in Marion, is inflatable kayaks. You can take the inflatable kayaks and drive to the Flathead River. You leave one car further North and park one car down river. You inflate the kayaks, float down river, enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach and have a great day floating the river. We’ve done this a couple times before and I highly recommend it. It’s the perfect way to relax, and… more »

Advertisement in AOPA

Feb 19, 2013

This is a great article written by Alyssa, who stayed with us at the B&B. There’s a video to check out as well.    

Shane Todd, Murdered in Singapore

Feb 17, 2013

Shane Todd is the son to Rick, and Mary Todd (who own Cabin Creek Landing Bed & Breakfast), brother to John, Chet and Dylan. A VERY tragic and horrible thing happened June of 2012, Shane Todd was murdered in Singapore, just days before he was moving home to the U.S. The Todd’s have been investigating this case and researching for eight months and here is the article that came out in the Financial Times, on Friday. It’s also on several other different news outlets, but here is the full article. Please take several minutes to read this. Death in Singapore… more »

Our 1st Wedding

Jan 05, 2013

On December 5th Cabin Creek Landing Bed & Breakfast hosted their first wedding! We had a couple rent out the entire B&B for two days. The groom was a chef so he cooked their guests lunch and dinner for both nights and they made an extra dinner plate for us. It was delicious! It was a small wedding with 13 people total, including the family members. It was very memorable and I thouroughly enjoyed having them. They got married in front of the fire place and it couldn’t have turned out any better. Stay tuned for pictures!

The Great Town of Whitefish

Nov 05, 2012

Whitefish is one of the major recreation centers of North Western Montana, surrounded by Whitefish Mountain Resort, beautiful Whitefish Lake and a great downtown shopping area. Whether you come to Montana during the summer or winter, Whitefish is still a great town to visit. Their downtown area is unique and has tons of restaurants and shopping to choose from. They have all types of food from all American, great burgers, a brewery, gourmet crepes, sandwich café’s, Italian, sushi and so much more. During the summer they have a farmers market each weekend that is a fun place for the family.

Glacier National Park

Jul 31, 2012

Northwest Montana is the gateway to Glacier National Park. In 1932, Glacier National Park became the world’s first International Peace Park, and we are only a short drive to the park! People say it’s the crown of the continent. It’s a great place for everyone, because you don’t just have to be hikers to go there. You can take a tour that starts at Lake McDonald and they explain the history and everything you’d want to know while sitting back, relaxing in the car, taking pictures and periodically getting out of the car to enjoy the beautiful park. Or if… more »