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newly wed couple kissing in front of a plane at Cabin Creek Landing B&B wedding services

The first thing that comes to mind, once you have decided on a wedding venue is what wedding services are available. We understand that you want to make sure that you can cross out everything on your “must have list”. Only in that moment will you be able to just enjoy your day. First off, let’s just throw it out there, we can host your entire wedding from A-Z. The details is what we have to align so we can paint the picture that you are visualizing. That is why it is vital that we understand what wedding services you both need and want.

Most Common Wedding Service Questions

  • Catering – our food is simply amazing and that is on any regular visit. When part of the wedding services that you need for your wedding is catering, we take no shortcuts! You should absolutely allow us to cater the entire event, for the following reasons. First of all, we have many years of experience hosting weddings, we know we are the best in the state. Secondly, we have one of the best Chief Executive Chefs in the country. Who worked with Wolfgang Puck and has catered all over the Country. This includes the Senate and several Hollywood events. He can provide catering for your event with a variety of outstanding options. Last but not least, we know that the key to success will be understanding what you want to come to fruition. Our mission is to take your vision and make it a reality.

  • Beverages – even though nonalcoholic beverages are a given, when you hire us to cater your event with the most exquisite menu. However, if your guests would like alcoholic beverages to toast and celebrate your magical day. Then you have nothing to worry about, we can have all the arrangements setup as part of our wedding services. Lastly, all you have to do is let us know beforehand, what you prefer and we will take care of the rest.

  • Changing Area – we know that both the groom and the bride need separate areas to change and get prepared for the most magical moment of the day. We have all the basics covered as part of our wedding services that come included with our location. Additionally, our entire location has luxury built in to ever inch, so any room you are in, you will feel the exclusiveness everywhere.

What About The Guests?

  • The Wedding Reception – we know that your wedding reception will be an extension of your hospitality and appreciation of your guests for sharing this magical day with your family. We will make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible. Additionally, our beautiful location is simply amazing for group photos of all of your guests.

Additional Wedding Services

  • Rehearsal – we can also setup a rehearsal dinner for your guests if you feel that it is appropriate. We have many wedding services that are optional depending on what your family wants and needs. The good news, is that we have it all. We simply need for you to communicate what you need and we can go from there.

  • Suites and Rooms – we have four suites and two rooms available. This way we can accommodate any of your guests who would like to spend the evening in our location. Every single suite and room were custom built with an individual theme to enhance its uniqueness. We have luxury tubs, luxury sheets and most importantly luxury wedding services.

  • Private Airport – having access to a private airport allows you to tie down right in front of our location. In addition, from being able to fly in and out for pilots and aviation experts you can also make use of the airport in many other ways. For example, it could be part of the ceremony, we can set it up for the bride to fly in to the ceremony itself while the groom anxiously awaits his stunning bride to touchdown and start their journey in life as newlyweds. We can also charter a plane with a pilot for you if you do not fly and would like to see the sights as well.

Let’s Not Forget….

  • Honey Moon – what is better than having your wedding ceremony with the best wedding services available and then having the best honey moon without having to travel again to another location. You could have your wedding ceremony and reception right on our breathtaking location. Afterwards you and your partner could simply just stay for a few days and take the beauty while we make sure that you are pampered the entire time.

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