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The best bed and breakfast in Montana. We're within perfect distance for those who are looking for a bed and breakfasts in Marion, Kalispell and near Whitefish & Bitterroot Lake.

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Offering comfort, rustic elegance, delicious food, and lots of pampering. Montana's Top bed & breakfast for those who look for luxury.

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Bed and Breakfast located near Glacier Park!

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First of all, everyone needs to get a way from time to time. Sooner or later you will go on a trip. Not to mention, you want the location to cater to your needs. We are the best bed & breakfast in montana. Our sole mission is to make sure that you enjoy yourself. Our uniquely located Bed & Breakfast in Montana is what your looking for.

Cabin Creek is the best bed & breakfast in Montana. We have a wide variety of activities nearby. Additionally, if you need a one of a kind B&B for a wedding or a family gathering. You should call us now to reserve the date. Just imagine our beautiful crystal-clear lake that is perfect for water activities. For instance, your family could go swimming nearby or fishing instead. On the other hand you can go hiking or horse back riding as well.

Even though you may have visited a B&B in the past. We simply, take it to the next level. Regardless the occasion, we will make it happen. We take comfort and add luxury in order to please everyone around you. In addition, we are uniquely located in a beautiful area of Montana. We are sure you will enjoy all of the views nearby.

What To Eat And Where To Stay?

Our cuisine is certainly one of a kind. However, we can always cater specifically to your needs. Just let us know before you visit our location. Additionally, we have several restaurants and towns with great food nearby. As a result, you have a natural and luxurious B&B with several food options. Lastly, even though our rooms are very impressive, our suites  are surprisingly beautiful. Just to clarify you will enjoy them both in either case. But our suites have several additional perks. In other words, we truly go above and beyond to please you during your stay.

The Best Bed & Breakfast In Montana

Come see the best bed and breakfast in Montana. You will simply fall in love with Cabin Creek Landing during your stay here. We are located in the Glacier Park Area of Montana. Furthermore, it is an easy and quick drive to the nearby city of Kalispell. In fact, we are right off of Highway 2, specifically in Marion. By the same token, your family will certainly enjoy every minute and not want to leave here. Especially, if you’re looking for a one of a kind bed and breakfast that is uniquely located.

We have a beautiful bed & breakfast which is located nearby Glacier Park. As a matter of fact, we know we are the best B&B in Montana. In other words, we certainly know that we will cover all of your needs. In conclusion, we are everything your family deserves and is looking for at the same time. Click here for more details about our great state.



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Cabin Creek Landing B&B Is Family Owned

We truly know that you will have a great time. In fact many of our clients visit us frequently throughout the year. Whether you love luxury or nature you can experience them equally. In addition, our hospitality is above all other experiences you have had. We pamper our clients and ensure that you feel very comfortable.

All things considered, you definitely want to come stay with our family. Whenever you really need to get away and just relax. We are the B&B you want to call. Not to mention, we have some of the most uniquely built suites and rooms as well. Lastly, our family operated business was created for you to enjoy nature as much as possible.


As a matter of fact, our uniquely built B&B has many beautiful places to visit as well. For example, Bitterroot Lake is only 6.1 miles away from here. In addition, we are just a short scenic drive from Kalispell with mountains in all in the background. Furthermore, you could always take a quick trip up to Whitefish city as well. Moreover, we are just a quick 4.1 miles away from Marion. Lastly, we are conveniently located near by Glacier Park. That has dozens of activities for you to enjoy here and there.

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What Sets Us Apart?

To summarize, there are many trails you can use for fun, such as hiking and biking. You can also go horseback riding or take nature walks for example. On the other hand, if you enjoy hunting, you will have a great time as well. Lastly, we are surrounded by many acres of nature. Which can be used for group gatherings and yard games for instance. This is why we are the best B&B.

Whenever you need to unwind, while viewing beautiful scenery adjacent to your room. Cabin Creek has it all nearby and in the distance, as far as the eye can see. Additionally, our luxury suites are all equally beautiful but uniquely built. In other words, we were particularly detailed in each one, and as a result, you have Cabin Creek Landing.

Where Nature And Luxury Meet

Most importantly, there are many trails you can use for hiking and biking. You can also go horseback riding or take nature walks for example. On the other hand, if you enjoy hunting, you will have a great time as well. Lastly, we are surrounded by many acres of nature. Which can be used for group gatherings and yard games for instance.

We are certainly the best B&B that includes everything you are looking for. In conclusion, we have luxury, comfort and not to mention the Montana background. Let’s quickly enumerate; first of all, great location, secondly great food and lastly we have great pricing!