Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we get here at Cabin Creek Landing. That being said, our contact information is below, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions that were not answered.

FAQ #1: What are the runway specifications?

The runway is 3,400 ft, paved, lighted and the elevation is 4,000 ft.cription.

FAQ #2: Is there fuel in general on the runway?

There certainly is.

FAQ #3: How do I get to Marion?

You can come by air or land. There is an airport nearby with airline service, which is the Glacier National Airport. In fact, it is only 40 minutes away from Cabin Creek Landing Bed & Breakfast. Additionally, the Amtrak goes into Whitefish, which is 45 minutes away.

FAQ #4: Do you have a courtesy car for someone who flew in and stays at your B&B?

Yes, we have a courtesy car available for pilots flying in and staying with us. It’s available for short term excursions in the immediate area.

FAQ #5: Are there any car rental locations nearby?

At Glacier National Airport there are several car rental companies.

FAQ #6: What time do you serve breakfast?

Breakfast is served at 8:30am.

FAQ #7: I want breakfast but I have to leave very early, can I have something to take on the road?

As long as you let us know before you get here, we can give you a limited breakfast to go. For example, we can give you yogurt with granola, fruit, home made breads, muffins and more.

In Conclusion

Even though, we feel that we have covered the majority of the Cabin Creek Landing Frequently Asked Questions, as can be seen above. However, it is equally important to mention that if we overlooked any detail, reaching out to us is simply a phone call away. All the Cabin Creek Landing FAQs are pretty straightforward but as long as you have any additional questions we are here ready to answer them. Lastly, click here, if you would like more general information about our beautiful state or if there are more Frequently Asked Questions that you would like to see above.