Places & Activities

Places & Activities

majestic natural scene with mountains and a river in the surrounding area

Here are all the places and activities that we have close to our location. There is simply something for everybody. Which is what makes Cabin Creek Landing so uniquely. In addition, to all of  the places and activities that are listed below. You can also just sit back on your private deck and enjoy the breathtaking view as well. Furthermore, these places and activities are very unique and by the same token, have something very special to offer.

Here are the distances from Cabin Creek to popular places.

  • Glacier International Airport – 25.9 miles
  • Glacier National Park – 55.7 miles
  • Big Mountain Ski Resort – 44.8 miles
  • Blacktail Mountain – 38.1 miles
  • Little Bitterroot Lake – 1.7 miles
  • Ashley Lake – 17.7 miles
  • McGregor Lake – 10.1 miles
  • Skydive Lost Prairie – 11 miles
  • Flathead Lake – 47.7 miles

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Glacier National Park

Hiking Places And Activities As Well

  • Trail Finder
  • You could visit the Jewel Basin which is uniquely located in the Flathead National Forest. Moreover, it is a beautiful 15,000-acre mountainous area. Not to mention, it is maintained exclusively for hiking and camping as well. In addition, the Jewel Basin includes 27 lakes and 35 miles of trails as well. Furthermore, some lakes may still have ice and trails can be covered with snow as well until July.
  • Danny On Memorial Trail is a popular self guided trail. Which is located in the Whitefish Mountain Resort Ski Area. It gives hikers an opportunity to observe the unique landscape. You could also equally learn about plants and animals of the high country as well. In addition this trail system on the mountain offers four different routes that are near by. Lastly, snow usually remains on the upper sections of the trail in around mid-July.
  • Waterfall Hike that is just a short ride away. You could take HWY 2 West, then go Left on Hubburd Dam Road. Then just go past the school and go up hill & cross cattle garden, then go right.

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Fishing Places And Activities As Well

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Snowmobile Places And Activities As Well



For those who may be concerned that there will not be a place where you can pray during your time on vacation. We have several Churches nearby, which you can visit whenever you like.

Boating Activities

Skydiving Activities

  • Skydive Lost Prairie is also available in the event that you want to gain some thrills during your stay with us.

Snow Skiing Places



  • Flathead Lake Winery which has many delicious wines that you and your family can equally enjoy. In addition, you will truly appreciate the hospitality of this family owned and operated business as well.

Hot Air Balloon Tours

  • Fantasy Flights Hot Air Balloon Tours. Is the once in a life time experience that will surely create magical moments for your family. As a matter of fact, we are absolutely sure you will smile whenever you remember your trip here.

Non-Profit Places And Activities As Well

  • All Mosta Ranch which is a non-profit organization that is located nearby, in Marion. This beautiful ranch, uniquely takes abandoned, abused, or neglected animals as well and cares for them equally.  Not to mention this is a great place to take your kids to see all the animals at the same time.
  • On the other hand, you could always visit the Big Sky Sporting Clay  shooting range. Which is uniquely located in Polson. Lastly, for more details you can call  (406) 883-2000.

Everything we do is straight forward, however if you have further questions and would like to book an event, business meeting or dinner party please call for more information, and you can see all of our contact info right here: contact us.