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Fly-in B&B for Backcountry Pilots

First introduced to the beauty of northwest Montana from the air, flying is a Todd family tradition. Rick Todd, owner of Cabin Creek Landing B&B, grew up flying with his father over Marion, Kalispell and Glacier National Park. 

“The flying up here is unbelievable.”

– Rick Todd

The wildlife in Montana is unmatched, with opportunities to see moose, grizzlies, deer, wolves, and elk from the air. With over a million acres of Glacier National Park to explore, backcountry pilots can get a unique perspective of the park’s beauty all year round. 

Fly-in Community Bed and Breakfast

If you’re planning to visit Glacier National Park or the surrounding areas, stay at the fly-in community, Cabin Creek Landing, in Marion. 

Cabin Creek Landing Bed & Breakfast is a rustic, Montana-style lodge with 6 guest suites. It sits on 7 acres that face the paved runway. Pilots can taxi up to the tiedown area and refuel onsite. The spacious deck and three of the six guest rooms overlook the runway.

“The two-story, old Montana-style lodge was built with pilots in mind.”

– Rick Todd
Cabin Creek Landing paved runway

What it’s like to fly into Cabin Creek Landing

“As for flying into Cabin Creek Landing, the winds normally favor Runway 20, which requires an approach over a mountain. For pilots who aren’t proficient in backcountry flying, the approach may be nerve-wracking. The downwind leg parallels a nearby mountain ridge, forcing pilots to fly a tight pattern; the base leg points directly at another nearby mountain; and final approach is made just a few feet above the treetops before the mountain gives way to the runway. With this approach, there’s little room for error. In case of an emergency, U.S. Highway 2 parallels the runway, making a safe landing spot.” (Courtesy of an interview with AOPA)

Glacier National Park Winter
Flying into Glacier National Park in the winter

Backcountry Flying in the Winter

Although Glacier National Park hosts over a million visitors a year, driving the famous Going-to-the-Sun road is limited to in winter. To really see the park, you need to see it from the air. Chet Todd, a fourth generation pilot, grew up flying over the area with his dad, Rick. 

“Pilots get a great perspective of the size of the park and the beauty.”

– Chet Todd

Plan Your Trip

See for yourself why pilots love backcountry flying in Northwest Montana. For more information on the Cabin Creek Landing fly-in community, visit: Cabin Creek Private Airstrip.

Cabin Creek Landing flight map

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